Blog 2; Our search

If I start at the beginning, we’ll go back 20 years; When we moved from the Netherlands to Savoie, we already knew that we would not stay there until retirement. The idea was 10 to 15 years, it turned out to be 17. We had bought a piece of building land in Savoie where we only started building our house 10 years later (due to all kinds of circumstances, mainly bureaucracy). In the meantime we were already looking around for Gites. The house was finished in December 2014.
After we found the project of our dreams in September 2016, we immediately put our house up for sale. Because our house was located just (500m) outside the ski station, it took a little longer than expected before it was sold, 4 years to be precise, 2 weeks before the ski station was closed due to Covid. Unfortunately, our dream project had now been sold, but there were other beautiful projects for sale.
In 2017 friends of ours went to look at a house in the Correze, close to a project that Roland had had on his ‘favorites list’ for some time. So Roland came along and also went to take a look at “leyvinie”. Since our house had not yet been sold, and ‘leyvinie’ was a beautiful project, he did not think this was for us… But 3 years later when our house was sold, Leyvinie was still for sale. In September 2020 we visited Leyvinie and also looked at other projects. Leyvinie met our entire wish list so after 2 viewings we decided to go for it. Leyvinie became ours on April 29, 2021.
What was our wish list anyway?
This was super important to us because we also had a beautiful view of the mountains from our house in Savoie. Furthermore, it had to be several gites so that we could live from the rental, and it had to be ready to move into. Check, check, check.